The Classroom Experience

In a world ever more dominated by moving images, film studies majors study the history of the world’s cinema in courses that focus on national and transnational issues, on genres such as the Musical, or on individual directors such as Pedro Almodovar, Alfred Hitchcock, and Ousmane Sembene. Supported by a knowledge of film theory, students also create their own images through courses in film and video production so as to become active shapers of the world in which we live.

The Prison Birth Project
An exciting opportunity to make connections between academic study, creative practice, and real-world, real-time, pressing social issues.
Special topics in Advanced Studies in Visual Culture situates the films of Almodovar in the context of contemporary Spanish History and larger debates.
Adv. Projects in Video Prod. (FLMST-310CP-01)
Learn by producing and develop a short film through brainstorming, research, script or documentary proposal writing, and pre-production.