Guidelines for Independent Study in Film Studies

You may request to undertake independent work in your Junior or Senior year, either as FLMST 295 or FLMST 395. A maximum of eight credits of such work can be elected during your career at Mount Holyoke. Only four credits of 395 may count toward the requirement of four 300-level courses for the major. A 3.5 GPA in Film Studies is required for 395. A 295 project is equivalent to one of the Department's 200-level courses that are explorations of some aspect of Film Studies. A 395 project is equivalent to one of the Department's advanced seminars and requires significant research and a lengthy term project. A 395 project must be preceded by or take place at the same time as a 300-level seminar in Film Studies.

To initiate a 295 or 395 Independent Study, you should contact a faculty member with whom you wish to work. This optimally needs to be done during the advising/registration period of the semester before the intended independent study. You will need to secure a faculty member's permission to proceed.

For a 395 independent study project, you should submit a two-to-three page prospectus within one week of the first day of classes. The prospectus should include a working title, a description of the project, the questions that will be addressed, and an annotated bibliography. A transcript should be attached. The prospectus will be circulated among the Department faculty. If the Department gives the project the green light, then you will start meeting with your supervisor once a week or once every other week. You and your supervisor will develop a timetable for research. For those terminating their 395 at the end of the semester, the project ought to be turned in to the supervisor during the examination period.