Old Film Studies Major Requirements

For Classes 2017, 2018, 2019

We are in the midst of a transition between two sets of requirements. For the above classes, there are two options: majors may elect to fulfill the current major requirements, or the older set of requirements outlined below:

The major is comprised of ten courses (40 credits), one of which may be a component course (a course that is at least one-third film intensive). Of these ten courses, at least two (but no more than five) must be taken outside the College.

  1. One introduction to film course (normally taken on the home campus) 
  2. One film history course (either a general, one-semester survey or a course covering approximately fifty years of international film history) 
  3. One film theory course 
  4. One film genre or authorship course 
  5. One national or transnational cinema course 
  6. One special topics course (may be a component course) 
  7. One advanced seminar in a special topic 
  8. One film, video, digital production and/or screenwriting course, but no more than two such courses may be used toward the major 
  9. Two electives from any of the above categories 

In the course of fulfilling the program of study, at least one course must focus on non-narrative film (documentary or experimental), and at least four courses should be at the advanced level. Courses can fit into more than one category, but a single course may not be used to satisfy two of the numbered requirements.