Professor Robin Blaetz in the Williston Library reading room
Chair and Professor of Film Studies, Film Studies Steering Committee

Robin Blaetz teaches Introduction to Film, History of World Cinema, Film Theory, and Experimental Film, as well as courses in various genres, including the Musical and Documentary. Her scholarly work centers on women and film; she has published an anthology called Women’s Experimental Cinema: Critical Frameworks (Duke University Press, 2007) and Visions of the Maid: Joan of Arc in American Film and Culture (Virginia University Press, 2001). Her current project explores the connections between the films of Joseph Cornell and his better known boxes.

Art Building, Room 202
By appointment only
Amy Rodgers Assistant Professor of English

Amy Rodgers

Assistant Professor of English, On Leave Spring 2016

Amy Rodgers specializes in Early Modern Literature and Culture; Literary Theory; Audience Studies; Mass Culture and Popular Culture Studies; Film Studies; Medieval Drama; Contemporary Drama; and Playwriting and Dance History

Shattuck Hall 212
On Leave
Five College Lecturer in Video Production

Bernadine Mellis teaches video production with an emphasis on documentary and experimental narrative. Her own films span political/personal non-fiction and experimental fiction. Her documentary, The Forest for the Trees, follows environmentalist Judi Bari’s civil case against the FBI. Bernadine also directed The Odyssey, a collaborative, queer adaptation of Homer's epic. Bernadine is currently working on two projects: a story about children of the New Left, and a documentary about alternative burial practices.

Art Building 203
TH 12:30-2:00 pm and by appt.
 Ajay J. Sinha Professor of Art History
Professor of Art History, Film Studies Steering Committee

Ajay Sinha teaches the history of Asian art at various levels, and seminars on Indian photography and Indian film. In his classes, students explore how the visual arts in India, China, Japan and other Asian countries reflect political and social formations, embody cultural values, and make visible the historical connections between local cultures and global networks, past and present, religious beliefs and secular life. He has published books and scholarly journal articles on the art and architecture of ancient India, and modern and contemporary art of South Asia including photography and film. Sinha is also a member of the Asian Studies Program and the Film Studies Program.

207 Art Building
By appointment only
Paul Staiti
Art History Chair, Professor of Fine Arts on the Alumnae Foundation, Film Studies Steering Committee

Paul Staiti teaches courses in American art and cinema. He has authored books and essays on John Singleton Copley, Gilbert Stuart, Winslow Homer and other American artists. His most recent book, Of Arms and Artists, is concerned with the diverse ways in which painters responded to the crisis of the American Revolution. He co-curated the Copley show at The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Currently, in anticipation of an exhibition scheduled for Versailles and the Met, Staiti is researching the Americans who visited the court of Louis XVI.

208 Art Building
By appointment only
Professor of Philosophy, Film Studies Steering Committee

Thomas Wartenberg specializes in the philosophy of film. He has written and edited a number of books in this area, including Thinking on Screen: Film as Philosophy and Fight Club, both published by Routledge. Among the courses he teaches are: The Philosophy of Film and Film Theory and Philosophy. Wartenberg's other areas of expertise include philosophy for children and aesthetics.

Skinner Hall 213B
By appointment only
Professor of English and Gender Studies, Film Studies Steering Committee

Elizabeth Young teaches courses in women writers, feminist theory, American literature, and film. Her scholarship analyzes intersections among gender, race, and sexuality in American culture. She has contributed chapters to The End of Cinema as We Know It (New York University Press, 2002), Subjects and Citizens: Nation, Race, and Gender from "Oronooko" to Anita Hill (Duke University Press, 1995), and The Dread of Difference: Gender and the Horror Film (University of Texas Press, 1996).

Shattuck Hall 202
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Bridget Barrett

Academic Department Coordinator
Art Building 201
M, W, F 1-4:30, T, TH 9-12:30

Affiliated Faculty

Associate Professor of Gender Studies

Christian Gundermann teaches students in different contexts as diverse as the interpretation of films, the history of the queer movement, the questioning of the human/animal boundary, the historical study of horsemanship, the practice of body modifications, the connections between feminism and the sciences, the nexuses of power, knowledge, pleasure, and suffering etc. that there is no practice without theory, and that every theory is always already a practice

Shattuck Hall 311
By appointment only
Professor of Anthropology

Professor Battaglia teaches courses in cultural identities and differences, visual culture in the material world, peoples of the South Pacific, making class visible, and introduction to anthropology.

Merrill House 204
By appointment only
Chair and Associate Professor of Spanish, Latina/o and Latin American Studies

Justin Crumbaugh teaches courses on contemporary Latin America and Spain, addressing topics such as the idea of "(under)development" as it has been questioned in the Global South, or the films of Pedro Almodóvar. Crumbaugh is also the author of Destination Dictatorship: The Spectacle of Spain’s Tourist Boom and the Reinvention of Difference (SUNY Press 2009) as well as numerous journal articles.

223 Ciruti Center
Tuesday 2-4pm or by Appt.
Daniel Czitrom
Professor of History

Deeply engaged in bringing history to wider audiences beyond the academy, Daniel Czitrom served as the historical advisor for Copper, an original dramatic series set in Civil War-era New York City (BBC America, 2011-13). He has also appeared as on-camera commentator for several documentaries, including The Rise and Fall of Penn Station (PBS, 2014) and New York: A Documentary Film (PBS,1999). Czitrom is the author of Media and the American Mind (1982), Rediscovering Jacob Riis (2008), and the forthcoming New York Exposed (2016).

209 Skinner Hall
Monday and Wednesday 2:30-4:00pm and by appointment
Image of Samba Gadjigo
Professor of French

Samba Gadjigo's research focuses on French-speaking Africa, particularly the work of filmmaker Ousmane Sembene. In 2001, Gadjigo was instrumental in bringing the Senegalese filmmaker to MHC for screenings and discussions of his work.

Ciruti Center 227
By appointment only
Vanessa James outside near an iron fence
Professor of Theatre Arts, Design

Vanessa James is an international designer of sets, costumes and lighting for theatre and opera. She is an art director for feature films and television, has received an Emmy citation and been nominated for three Emmy awards. Examples of her work are in the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute library, and the New York Museum of the Moving Image. She is the author of two books of popular reference, The Genealogy of Greek Mythology, and Shakespeare’s Genealogies, both published by Penguin USA.

200 Rooke Theatre
By appointment only
Professor Remmler in the CIruti Courtyard
Professor and Chair of German Studies, Professor of Gender Studies, Professor of Critical Social Thought

Karen Remmler’s interdisciplinary research and teaching in English and German focuses on the politics and culture of memory in the aftermath of atrocity and war in European and Asian contexts; German literature, film, and sites of memory within transnational contexts; 19th century critical social thought through the lens of contemporary social critics; and the interrelationship between national processes of transitional justice and the work of memory in films by the descendants of genocide survivors and perpetrators in non-western contexts.

Shattuck Hall 305
By appointment only

Erika Rundle

Associate Professor in Theatre Arts and Gender Studies, Dramaturg
Shattuck Hall 305
By appointment only
David W. Sanford
Elizabeth Topham Kennan Professor of Music - Composition, Theory
Pratt Hall 212
By appointment only
Lucia, Ruth and Elizabeth MacGregor Professor of English

Donald Weber specializes in American literature and culture; ethnic studies; film; politics and literature.

Shattuck Hall 112 & 312
By appointment only
Professor of German Studies

Gabriele Wittig Davis teaches courses in both German and English, in German area studies as well as European and film studies. Furthermore, her long-standing investigations into Romanticism and gender role redefinitions as well as her studies into concepts of race and ethnicity from the late 18th-century to the present have also led to offerings on gender and migration studies.

33 Ciruti Center
Mondays 4:15 - 5:15 p.m., Thursdays 1:30 - 2:30 p.m. and by appointment