FST 210: Beginning Video Production

Video production courses at Mount Holyoke College are designed to teach students the basics of video/filmmaking while also fostering an appreciation for the moving image as an art form.

FST 210: Beginning Video Production
Fall 2014 Mount Holyoke College
Instructor: Professor Bernadine Mellis
Screening: Wednesday, 7-9 pm (required), LITS 231
Lecture/Workshop: Thursday 1:15-4:05pm, LITS 231

Course Description

This course provides a foundation in the principles, techniques, and equipment involved in video production. Students will make several short videos over the course of the term as well as one final piece. We will develop our own voices while learning the vocabulary of moving images and gaining production and post-production skills. In addition to technical training, classes will include critiques, screenings, readings, and discussion.


  • Successful completion of Introduction to Film Studies.
  • Application and permission of instructor required.
  • Enrollment limited to 12.