Accelerating Study Abroad

Preparing for Studying Abroad

1. If you enroll in French 101 as a first-year student and are interested in studying in a French-speaking country during your third year, you will need to accelerate your French language studies.

Your adviser will assist you in working out an accelerated plan of study, which may include accelerating your course sequence, for example going directly to French 201 after French 101 if you have made sufficient strides in acquiring elementary French.

Also, after completing French 102, you might consider taking a summer course at another institution to satisfy your French 201 requirement, allowing you to take French 203 the following fall.

The most common path to follow is:

First year

  • (Fall) French 101 
  • (Spring) French 102 or 201, with permission of the instructor (Summer) An approved French course at the 201 level 

Second year

  • (Fall) French 203 
  • (Spring) French 215, 219, 225, or 230 

Third year (Fall and Spring): in a French-speaking country

2. In addition, you are strongly encouraged to do some extra extra-curricular work and be active in the French-speaking arena.

Here are some suggestions:

  1. do extra reading: ask your instructor for suggestions; also, there are magazines available in the French Dept.
  2. attend language table every week
  3. attend French Club activities: films and teas (see French Dept Web page) d) watch French films that are available for you to borrow in the French Dept. 

Remember, before making any decision, please talk to your adviser.