Language Assistants and Mentors

The French department has an array of language resources helpful to students learning French. This includes the French Language Floor Living-Learning Community, as well as weekly conversation sessions with peer language assistants in Elementary French classes. The weekly Language Table offers further opportunities to practice speaking French through lively discussions and dinner conversations. The Q&A sessions with the Language Mentor offer additional support around the concepts of learning the language.

Qualified students may apply for a language assistant position through the Language Assistant Program by contacting Morena Svaldi. Students may also apply to live on the French Floor by contacting Residential Life.

Language Table and Q&A hours

Srilekha Murthy, French Q&A mentor
Mondays from 3-4 pm and Tuesdays from 7-8pm.

Katlyn Grover '20

Katlyn Grover '20, Community Advisor on the French Floor (South Mandelle 3rd Floor)

Hi, I'm Katlyn! I'm from Bernardston, Massachusetts. I am a pre-med student and I am majoring in Romance Languages with a focus in Spanish and French. You'll most likely find me in Ciruti, on the basketball court, or outside enjoying the New England weather. My door is always open, so come on in and say hi!

Language Assistants

Eleonore Regnier

Eléonore Regnier, exchange student

My name is Eléonore Regnier. I am French and I have lived my entire life in a really small town, called Triel Sur Seine, in the large suburb of Paris. I was always fascinated by the US growing up, so getting to spend a year in Mount Holyoke is a dream come true for me. I love dancing, singing old songs, reading, spending time with my friends and my family and I also adore my cat. This past year I became really interested in feminism and especially the relationship of women to their bodies. My major for this past year has been economics but I prefer international relations and international security. I love talking and I think I can say I am open-minded, I am always up for a discussion so feel free to come by whenever you would like. 

Prune Houvion

Soukeyna Abbott '20