Catherine Le Gouis

Reverend Joseph James Hilary Paradis Professor of French; Chair of French

Catherine Le Gouis received her degrees from Sorbonne-Paris IV and Yale University. She teaches French language, literature, culture, and film, most recently Hugo's “Les Misérables”; Proust's “À la recherche du temps perdu”; and “Le Monde”. Research interests include French and Russian literature. Selected publications include “Positivism and Imagination”; “Mon Histoire: Mémoires d'une femme de lettres russe à l'époque des Lumières” (coedited); “The Woman on the Cross” (The Russian Review). She is currently at work on a biography of the fin-de-siècle Russian muse, Nina Petrovskaya.

Catherine LeGouis

Anouk Alquier

Reverend Joseph James Hilary Paradis Visiting Instructor in French
Anouk Alquier

Samba Gadjigo

Helen Day Gould Professor of French

Samba Gadjigo's research focuses on French-speaking Africa, particularly the work of filmmaker Ousmane Sembene. In 2001, Gadjigo was instrumental in bringing the Senegalese filmmaker to MHC for screenings and discussions of his work.

Samba Gadijo

Nancy Holden-Avard

Senior Lecturer in French

Nancy Holden-Avard is a senior lecturer in French. Her research interests include second language acquisition, technology-enhanced learning, error analysis and transcultural competence. She enjoys inventing creative ways of empowering students to enhance their own learning, such as through mnemonic devices, feedback-rich digital dictations, and elaborate feasts of food and drink from multiple Francophone countries. A significant contributor to the establishment of language floors at Mount Holyoke, Holden-Avard is committed to maximizing opportunities for students to grow by fully engaging in cultural and linguistic explorations that expand their view of themselves and their world.

Carolyn Shread

Senior Lecturer in French; on leave Fall 2021

Carolyn Shread is a translator of scholarly and literary texts, including five books by French philosopher Catherine Malabou. Several of her articles propose new paradigms for translation, drawing on Malabou and Bracha Ettinger. She has also published on her translation of Les Rapaces by Haitian author Marie Vieux-Chauvet, and is on the editorial board of the Haitian journal Legs et Littérature.

Carolyn Stread


Stacey Pare

Academic Department Coordinator
Stacey Pare