Placement Exam and Instructions

French Placement Instructions

Please read carefully before taking the placement test:

- All students must take the French placement exam, note your score, and fill in the questionnaire, even if you have never before studied French.

*Placement test results are good only for the semester in which you take them.

1. Your placement test results will be transferred to ISIS, giving you permission to register. This process may take as little as one hour or until the end of the next business day. You may see when your test results have been transferred by:

  • logging into ISIS,
  • choosing ISIS for Students, and
  • selecting Approvals, Holds, and Registration Access Time.   

On that display you will see the French course/courses for which you may register.

2. Please register for an approved French course before registration ends.

3. Please register for one course only:

  • All four culture and literature courses (215, 219, 225, and 230) are on the same level. You may register for the course of your choice.

French Placement Exam

You must:

1. Fill in your first and last name in the boxes indicated.

2. Use your Mount Holyoke email address in the box indicated.

3. Go to the online MHC French Placement Exam and fill in this password: marylyon (all lower case).