Teaching Assistante 2013-14

France - Alice Wiart

I was born in France near Lyon, a south-eastern city (near Switzerland). After 12 years my parents, sister and I moved to a town called Anglet in the Basque Country, south west corner of France near Spain, where I’ve been living since then. I attended the University of Bordeaux III where I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Foreign Languages Studies (LEA) studying English and German. After spending my third and last year of Bachelor in Oklahoma I decided to attend the University of Montpellier III for my master’s degree, still in LEA with a specialization in International Negotiation.

After this year studying in the USA, in Oklahoma, I really discovered the benefit of travelling and discovering new cultures, different people. To my opinion these experiences are really important to be a better person, a citizen of the world. Understanding others allows a better harmony in a world like ours.

Having the opportunity to work in the French department, I am hoping to be able to share my experiences with the students and let them discover a new culture and hopefully make them more acquainted with the French culture and language.