300-Level Courses

Fall 2013 Gender Studies Seminars

GNDST 333(A)
Advanced Seminar: Emily Dickinson in Her Times
Martha Ackmann

GNDST 333(H)
(ASIAN 340)
Advanced Seminar: A Reading of the Story of the Stone
Ying Wang

GNDST 333(P)
(REL 332)
Advanced Seminar: The Shakers
Jane Crosthwaite

GNDST 333(Q)
(PSYCH 319)
Advanced Seminar: Gender and Domestic Labor
Francine Deutsch

GNDST 333(S)
(ENGL 323)
Advanced Seminar: Gender and Class in the Victorian Novel
Amy Martin

GNDST 333(U)
(LATAM 387)
Advanced Seminar: Latina/o Immigration
David Hernandez

GNDST 333(W)
(SPAN 330)
Advanced Seminar: Skin of a Woman
Dorothy Mosby

GNDST 333(X)
(SPAN 350)
Advanced Seminar: Slanted Subjects: Queer Theory
Tara Daly

GNDST 333(Y)
Advanced Seminar: Witches in the Modern Imagination
Erika Rundle
333Y Application

GNDST 333(X)
Advanced Seminar: Messy Feminisms, Queer Transfections
Christian Gundermann