The Department of Gender Studies participates in a Five College Gender Studies Program which includes sexuality, women's and gender studies at Amherst College, feminist studies at Hampshire College, the study of women and gender at Smith College and women, gender, sexuality studies at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. Majors are introduced to the foundations of the field in courses on women and gender, feminist theory, and methodology. Drawing on courses offered across the Mount Holyoke curriculum and in the Five Colleges, majors then explore topics such as women’s literary and artistic production; gender in imperial and postcolonial contexts; feminist antiracism; women’s health; women and labor; violence against women; feminist science studies; queer studies; men and masculinity; transgender politics; U.S. women of color politics; women immigrants and refugees; transnational feminisms. A field-study seminar, taken in the junior or senior year; and a senior capstone course bring majors together to think through connections among the diverse intellectual and creative approaches they have encountered as well as between scholarship and social action. Our website provides guidance on selecting courses and all courses are also designed to contribute in various ways to the College’s Learning Goals.

Courses and Requirements 

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