Learning Abroad for Gender Studies Majors

Study Abroad

Where to Study

  • Balkans: Post-Conflict Transformation in Croatia, Bosnia, and Serbia
    Students explore and experience aspects of Balkan society ranging from women’s movements to peace building through lectures and seminars in the dynamic Croatian capital of Zagreb and field excursions to Slovenia, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Cuernavaca, Mexico: Social Justice, Gender and the Environment in Latin America
    Explore socioeconomic and political issues focusing on the impact of the conquest and globalization on the lives of women and men from varying economic classes and ethnic groups in Mexico and Central America. A semester abroad program of the Center for Global Education at Augsburg College.
  • Mali, West Africa: Gender, Health, and Development
    Students will learn about the link between women’s roles, family health, and improvement in development indicators. By showcasing the interconnectedness of these issues, the program provides students with an appreciation of the complexities involved in approaching health as an international development issue. (Prerequisites:  Three recent semesters of college-level French or equivalent and the ability to follow coursework in French, as assessed by SIT.)
  • The Netherlands: International Perspectives on Sexuality and Gender
    Based in Amsterdam, students explore the intersections of Dutch and international perspectives. Students select one Sexuality and Gender Seminar program module from choices including Critical Theory, Tolerance and Sexual Health Education, or Filmmaking with a Sexuality and Gender Lens. Each student also chooses a Field Study practicum with a Dutch or international organization. Prerequisite: Previous college-level coursework or other significant preparation in sexuality, gender, and/or identity studies as assessed by SIT.

For a list of where past and present Gender Studies majors have studied and a summary of the courses that they took abroad, check this searchable database. Note that this is not a definitive list of what is possible and should serve only as a useful guide and planning resource.

Credit Transfer

Please read the credit transfer page on the McCulloch Center for Global Initiatives' web site for general information about study abroad credit transfer.

Summer Internships

A summer internship or research project abroad is a good way for students to apply and develop their skills and explore possible career paths while engaging with cultures and perspectives outside the United States.

Be sure to visit the Career Development Center's page on internships for helpful, up-to-date information on internships.

Students have the option of developing their own summer internship or research project. Support for unpaid opportunities is available through the Universal Application Form (UAF), which offers students access to funding from a variety of College fellowship sources to cover travel and living expenses for the duration of the project. Students with a family contribution of less than $5000 may also receive a $500 grant to apply towards their summer earnings contribution. Both the McCulloch Center for Global Initiatives and the Career Development Center have student evaluations of past international internships on file.