The geography major is intended to provide students with an understanding of the world around them in its physical, spatial, and human dimensions. Central to the discipline is the study of interactions of humans and environmental systems.  Specific topics emphasized in the curriculum include the physical environment, political geography, socioeconomic development, and techniques in geographic data analysis (computer mapping, satellite image analysis, and geographic information systems).

Majors may also consider taking other geography courses in the Five Colleges.

For First-Year Students

First-Year Students may consider enrolling in any of the following courses, which have no prerequisites:

  • Geography 105fs  World Regional Geography
  • Geography 107f  Introduction to the Physical Environment
  • Geography 202s  Cities in a Global Context
  • Geography 205s  Mapping and Spatial Analysis
  • Geography 206s  Political Geography
  • Geography 208f  Global Movements: Migrations, Refugees, Diasporas

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