The Geography Lynk: Classroom to Career

We encourage our majors to comprehend the diversity and interconnectedness of the world’s people’s and cultures through internships and study abroad programs. Students may supplement their classroom learning with field work in local and international areas exploring the impacts of social, economic, and political processes that shape spaces and places, the science of earth systems, and the human dimensions of global environmental change.

Kiana Lussier '13 standing in a city office in Sydney, Australia
Kiana Lussier ’13: It is exhilarating to feel passionate about your field of work and study! MHC Geography helped me put my career path in motion.
Kiana Lussier Holding a firefly in Costa Rica
Kiana Lussier ’13: I wondered how many luciérnagas, fireflies, I could spot in the forest in one minute.
Tracy Whelen
Tracy Whelen '14: Geography has also allowed me the independence to chart a course through the projects that interested me.