GeoProcessing Lab Projects

Using AIMS1 data for forest monitoring

Working with the Massachusetts Parks and Recreation Department to use AIMS1 data for forest monitoring. Specific projects include detecting and quantifying Hemlock Wooley Adelgid infestations, and using laser altimetry data to measure stand height.

Forest Monitoring

Plum Island Marsh

Working with the Marine Biological Laboratory to construct spatial databases of the various drainage features of the Plum Island Sound Long-Term Ecological Research Site.

AIMS1 high resolution images

Tree Metrics

By using Digital Photogrammetric technics we can use AIMS1 high-resolution images to measure forest metrics like tree heights, canopy cover, crown diameter, etc. measuring trees. Trees measured in the field have been detected in the images and their heights measured in a 3D environment using ERDAS Photogrammetry Suite and Stereo Analyst. Good relationships have been found between measurements in the ground and measurements were done remotely using AIMS1.

Chart of height comparison between field and imagery measurements.

Carbon budget Estimation at Duke Forest

In collaboration with researchers at Duke Forest (Duke University) we have collected AIMS1 imagery of the Duke Forest in 2001, 2007 and 2008. Orthomosaics and digital canopy models (DCM) were produced to estimate the difference in tree growth between those years. These metrics are important for measuring the response of vegetation to global warming and for estimating rates of terrestrial carbon sequestration.

AIMS1 imagery of the Duke Forest in 2001, 2007 and 200

More information about the multiple experiments carried out at Duke forest visit the Duke University FACE Experiment website.