ESRI Virtual Campus @MHC

Online GIS courses at ESRI Virtual Campus

a number of online courses at ESRI Virtual Campus (VC) are available to our MHC community through the college's ArcGIS site license, managed by the GeoProcessing lab. (GPL)  These courses include datasets for exercises, quizzes, and a certificate at the end.  Make sure you have available the required software/hardware for each course. You are welcome to use the facilities of the GPL to practice/learn GIS. 

To request any of these courses send an email to the GPL manager, Eugenio Marcano (emarcano at using your MHC email. Be reasonable and don't request more courses than what you are able to do at a time.  Before requesting anything you have to create an ESRI Virtual Campus free account.  With your Virtual Campus account you can also access lots of extra free training not listed here.

Available courses can be accessed through the following link:

Courses Included in a Premium License

If you need help deciding which course(s) to take contact GPL manager (emarcano).


Revised 9/24/2015