The Classroom Experience

Geology is the study of the Earth's materials and processes. It is a historical science, involving the study of active and ancient processes within and on the Earth, including the patterns of evolution of life. Geology is an exciting, multifaceted field of study comprised of many subdisciplines, and Mount Holyoke College is proud to continue its long tradition of maintaining a first-rate geology program. Geology classroom experiences are as diverse as the discipline itself.

Leaping Laepars, painting of fighting dinosaurs
FY Seminar explored how art can lead/aid scientific discovery while students developed individual art works and a proposed exhibit for the MHC Art Museum.
(GEOL-103): explore how the oceans affect weather and climate, stabilize global chemical cycles, erode coastlines and provide access to resources.
Emergence of Animals
(FYS-115): work with fossils hundreds of millions of years old to learn what these preserved ancient biota can tell them about the origin of animals.