student funding

Funds to Support Student Travel and Research

Mary F. Waterous Memorial Fund

  • Started in 1987: for support of student fieldwork.

Geology and Geography Research Fund

  • Started in December 1998: for support of student research during the summer or school year. Maximum allowance of $300 for equipment, supplies, presentation costs, or transportation costs related to field work, presentation of research, or attendance at conferences.

Ames Weed Fund

  • Started in May 1978: used primarily to support student field projects in the geological sciences.

Geography Fund

  • Started in June 1973: for geography majors who conduct individual field work. It has also been used to fund field trips and guest lecturers.

Martha Godchaux Endowed Fund

  • Endowed by Elizabeth Allen Wilson, '72. Started in 1998: it is used for field studies, meetings and conference expenses.

Bates Davidson Geology Fund

  • Stared in 1993: to be used for student travel to scientific meetings.

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