Selecting Courses

The department offers courses that cover a wide range of topics, among them oceanography, environmental geology, geomorphology, petrology, structural geology, plate tectonics, climate change, geological resources, field geology, groundwater, evolution, and the history of the earth.

Majors may also consider taking other geology courses in the Five Colleges.

For First Year Students

First-year students are encouraged to enroll in any of the following courses:

  • Geology 103s - Oceanography
  • Geology 107f - Environmental Geology
  • Geology 109f - History of Life
  • Geology 123fs - Methods in Earth Science
  • Geology 201f - Rocks and Minerals

First-year students may also consider enrolling in:

  • Chemistry 150fs - General Chemistry
  • Mathematics 101fs - Calculus I
  • Physics 110fs - Force, Motion, and Energy
  • Statistics 140fs - Introduction to the Ideas and Applications of Statistics

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