Learning Abroad for Geology Majors

The Departments of Geology and Geography encourage their majors to study abroad for a single semester, year or a summer. Our faculty will help students find programs that best fit their academic and personal goals.

Many geology majors have studied in English-speaking countries known for distinctive geology (like New Zealand, Australia, Scotland, and England). Yet other majors with language expertise have ventured to places like Chile and France in order to study geology. Be adventurous!

A venerable geologist we know says: “the geologist who sees the most rocks wins.” In that spirit, we encourage geology majors who go abroad to take geology courses that involve field work and field trips.

For a list of where past and present Geology majors have studied and a summary of the courses that they took abroad, check this searchable database. Note that this is not a definitive list of what is possible and should serve only as a useful guide and planning resource.