Standards-Based Thematic Unit
Great Germans Conference

by Andreas Wiegand
(for the 1998 NEH Summer Institute at U. of Massachusetts)
Targeted Standards
1.1 Interpersonal Communication
1.2 Interpretive Communication
1.3 Presentational Communication
2.1 Practices of Culture
2.2 Products of Culture
3.1 Making Connections
3.2 Acquiring Information
4.2 Cultural Comparisons
This website contains ideas from networking with colleagues at the 1998 NEH Summer Institute at the University of Massachusetts. I have taken the ideas and modified them for use with my own students. The unit is intended for use in German II-IV at the high school level. The goal is to give teachers an idea of what can be done, as well as be a resource on "great Germans," some of whom may not necessarily be known to many Americans. This list certainly could be modified and added to, as there are many more, perhaps more commonly known Germans from whom to choose.
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Credits: Thank you to Amy Peterschmidt of Virginia who provided the original basic idea for a conference on "Great Germans." She has had a similar conference involving other famous Germans categorized by different time periods.
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