Standards-Based Thematic Unit
vor und nach der Wende
by Kim Foell, Amy Peterschmidt, Jennifer Roper,
Sandra Spennato, Andreas Wiegand
(for the 1998 NEH Summer Institute at U. of Massachusetts)

Targeted Standards
1.1 Interpersonal Communication
1.2 Interpretive Communication
1.3 Presentational Communication
2.1 Practices of Culture
3.1 Making Connections
3.2 Acquiring Information
4.2 Cultural Comparisons
 Introduction: This website features a variety of materials, resources, and strategies for use in the creation of a classroom unit on post-unification Germany. It is for use with high school students in German III-V. Our goal was to focus not only on the historical aspects of German unification, but on the personal and societal stresses which unification has brought about within Germany. Our vision was to create a kind of cyber "Unterrichtspaket" including ready-to-use materials and activities, as well as a wide variety of resources for teachers.

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