Standards-Based Thematic Unit
"Deutsche Identität"
by Martha Small, Lilo Townsend, Kriemhild Zerling
(for the 1998 NEH Summer Institute at U. of Massachusetts)
Targeted Standards
1.1 Interpersonal Communication
1.2 Interpretive Communication
1.3 Presentational Communication
2.1 Practices of Culture
2.2 Products of Culture
3.1 Making Connections
3.2 Acquiring Information
4.1 Language Comparisons
4.2 Cultural Comparisons
5.1 Language Beyond School
5.2 Lifelong Learning
This unit deals with the statement "I am from Germany" as an inclusive identity for people who live in Germany today. The material is aimed at second-year German students.. The goal of the unit is to show the diversity of people who live in Germany, to inform the students about how Germans and non-Germans are differentiated, to allow students to experience some attitudes held by and against certain groups of people living in Germany, and to expect students to have an awareness of what it can mean when someone says "I am from Germany." The REFLECTION section can be found in each of the various subsections of the unit.

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