Standards-Based Thematic Unit
"Ich bin aus Deutschland"
by Heather Proffer, Marjorie Enos, Ellen Cimino
(for the 1998 NEH Summer Institute at U. of Massachusetts)
Targeted Standards
1.1 Interpersonal Communication
1.2 Interpretive Communication
1.3 Presentational Communication
2.1 Practices of Culture
3.2 Acquiring Information
4.2 Cultural Comparisons

The goal of this unit is to show the diversity of people who live in Germany, to inform the students about the differences between Germans and non-Germans, to allow students to experience some attitudes held by and against certain groups of people living in Germany, and to expect students to have an awareness of what it can mean when someone says "I am from Germany."

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The unit deals with the statement "I am from Germany" as an inclusive identity for people who live in Germany today. The material is aimed at second or third-year German students.

1.1 Students respond to and discuss a rap song that pertains to the unit topic.
1.2 Students listen to and understand rap songs, read literature about the topic and answer questions to display understanding. enus. 
1.3 Students demonstrate conflict resolution "Rollenspiel" situations about people who live in Germany and present their own original rap songs.
2.1 Students generate a rap song which relates to real and perceived situations about people who live in Germany.
3.2 Students set up an E-mail exchange with a multi-ethnic class in Germany.
4.2 Students brainstorm to elicit information about populations in the United States and in Germany.
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