German Studies Alumnae Stories

German majors and minors, who continue to “make their mark” in a wide variety of fields, can best answer the questions current students ask about internships, graduate programs, and professional life. Take advantage of the wisdom and experience of German Studies alumnae throughout the world through our growing collection of Alumnae Stories.

Mount Holyoke students and alumnae can conduct informational interviews with alumnae working in the field through the Alumnae Association Career Directory. Search alumnae by major or career field. In addition, some alumnae are participating in the Alumnae Stay Program which is a network of Alumnae who have offered to temporarily host students or alumnae traveling for academic or professional growth.

Marta Checko
Marta Checko ’14: Through my year abroad, I developed the language capacity to research German/Polish relations since WWII and defend an honors thesis.
Deborah M. Piroch
Deborah M. Piroch '89: I cannot recommend international internships highly enough before graduation.
Julia Housten Nguyen ‘95, Senior Program Officer
Julia Husten Nguyen ’95: not initially in the field of grant reviewing, transferrable skills as a history major and educator prepared her for her work.
Rachel Krueger ’13
Rachel Krueger ’13: as a visiting DAAD fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research, I had the opportunity to investigate proton conduction.
Katharyn Fletcher ’09
Katharyn Fletcher ’09: my double major in chemistry and german studies inspired me to pursue post-graduate research fellowships in Hamberg.
University of Potsdam Exchange Program
Hannah Weisman ’00: I learned research skills; discovered beautiful and heartbreaking stories of loss, survival, and strength and found my career focus.
Fanrui shao with friends in Germany
You can't really understand German humor until you learn German.
Cover detail from "Nigeria Revisited: My Life and Loves Abroad," by Catherine Onyemelukwe '62
A memoir by Catherine Onyemelukwe '62, a German major, chronicles her work in Nigeria and her decades-long personal and professional ties to that country.