Award Opportunities

All awards and prizes are listed on students' transcripts.

Competitive Awards

Study Abroad Exchange Fellowships are available to qualified sophomores for a year of study at one of the universities (Bonn or Leipzig) with which Mount Holyoke maintains a direct exchange relationship.  Priority for the exchange fellowships is given to students who receive financial aid from Mount Holyoke and are declared German studies majors. Students selected for the exchanges pay no tuition, receive a stipend from the university to cover basic living expenses and, if they are sophomores, one of the Barrett Travel awards (see below). Students must complete the separate Laurel Fellowship application form by the first week of December and submit it to the McCulloch Center for Global Initiatives.  In order to qualify for the exchange fellowships or to study at one of the exchange universities, applicants must have taken German each semester prior to going abroad.

The Evelyn Finkbeiner Fellowship Award For Study Abroad is presented to a German Studies major or majors planning to study in Germany for a semester or a year.  The amount of the award normally ranges from $2000.00 to $9000.00. According to the guidelines set by Evelyn Finkbeiner (MHC '42), students are chosen on the basis of "academic excellence, but the Department will also take financial need into consideration."  Applicants are requested to submit the following materials to the Department of German Studies: 1. an up-to-date transcript (in-home, “unofficial” suffices); 2. information on other funding available to them for study abroad; 3. a short statement in German explaining how the fellowship will support and foster their academic plans for study in Germany.  (DEADLINE: in March; specific deadline date will be announced). For further information, please contact: Karen Remmler, Chair; Department of German Studies; email:

National Awards for Seniors
German Studies majors and minors often make excellent candidates for the DAAD (Deutscher Academischer Austauch Dienst) Study Grant – a grant that funds one year of postgraduate study or independent research in Germany. Study Scholarships are available to highly academically qualified graduating seniors and recent graduates from all disciplines (except medicine) and of all citizenships. The Study Scholarship is for 10 months and must take place during the German academic year (from October 1–July 31) immediately following graduation (for candidates applying as college seniors). An extension of up to one year may be available for Master's degrees that are longer than one year.  The scholarship includes a monthly stipend of approximately €750, health insurance, a flat rate subsidy for travel costs, and a limited rent subsidy.  Available to US citizens only, the Fulbright US Student Program offers grants for independent research, pursuit of a one-year master’s program, or assistant-teaching English in Germany and in many other countries outside of the US.  Fulbright also offers a Research Grant for Beginning Professional Journalists in Germany. The grantee will spend the first few months studying and conducting independent research, followed by one or more internships or guest journalist positions at German newspapers, publishers, or television and radio stations. All Journalism areas, including photo, print, and broadcast journalism, as well as electronic media, will be considered. Read here about Fulbright grant opportunities specific to Germany.  Other national fellowships that may interest German Studies students are listed here. Interested? Contact National Fellowships Advisor Christine Overstreet at X3344 or

Honors and Prizes

Delta Phi Alpha (National German Honor Society) seeks to recognize excellence in the study of German and to provide an incentive for continuing scholarly work. The Society aims to promote the study of the German language, literature and civilization and endeavors to emphasize those aspects of German life and culture which are of universal value and contribute to the search for peace and truth.  Senior German studies majors with an overall grade point average of B+ and an average of at least A- in German studies courses are elected annually to membership in Delta Phi Alpha.  Special consideration will be given to students who are writing a thesis in the department even if their overall G.P.A. is lower than B+.

Edeltraut P. Barrett Travel Award of $1000.00  is awarded to a undergraduate student on financial aid planning to study abroad in Germany, normally to the student who has been selected as recipient of the "Study Abroad Exchange Fellowship" or who is planning to study abroad for a year at our exchange university in Leipzig.  The award is meant "to cover round trip travel expenses from the United States to [the student's] study abroad program" location.

Edeltraut P. Barrett Memorial Prize for excellence in German studies is awarded annually to one or more seniors based on: 1) grade point average, both the overall average and the average in major courses;  2) the academic commitment made by the student in achieving her German studies major, as evidenced in her program planning;  3) the commitment to German studies as evidenced by a commitment to academic work in disciplines other than German studies (such as history, politics, economics related to Germany); and 4) commitment to the field through extra-curricular activity, including such things as internships and career exploration projects.

Consul General Award for excellence in the study of the German language is awarded annually to one or more seniors.

Federal Republic of Germany Book Prizes for excellence in German are awarded annually to seniors, juniors, sophomores and first-year students.


Read more about German Studies internships from MHC's Career Development Center.  Questions about the MHC International Internship Program can be addressed to Kirk Lange, Director of International Experiential Learning at the McCulloch Center.