The German Studies Lynk: Classroom to Career

Language Learning and Global Connections

Language learning in our program emphasizes at all levels the interrelationship between target language and culture and native language and culture; self and community; curriculum and career. We also consistently explore the global connections between German and European cultures. We provide opportunities for students to integrate their interest in other subjects with material in our upper-intermediate and advanced-level courses. Furthermore, we encourage our students to seek experiential learning by participating in our exchange with the University of Leipzig, as well as the Berlin School of Economics and Law, and to combine study with internship experience. Understanding the connections between a language and larger cultural contexts is a gateway to living, working, and communicating successfully in an increasingly globalized world.

University of Potsdam Exchange Program
Hannah Weisman '2000: I learned research skills; discovered beautiful and heartbreaking stories of loss, survival, and strength and found my career focus.
Image of Songqiao Yao
Songqiao Yao '11: wins a prestigious Gates Cambridge Scholarship to pursue a master’s in geographical research at the University of Cambridge.
Julia Housten Nguyen ‘95, Senior Program Officer
Julia Husten Nguyen ‘95: not initially in the field of grant reviewing, transferrable skills as a history major and educator prepared her for her work.