DAAD summer internship in Germany

Find a summer internship in Germany!

Summer research internships in STEM fields are available in Germany!  Programs such as DAAD RISE match undergraduate students with doctoral students, whom they assist and who serve as their mentors.  RISE interns receive a monthly stipend to cover everyday costs.  About 300 scholarships are available each year.  Although most programs do not require students to speak German, students who have taken German Studies 115 (German for Internships and Research) have had tremendous success with internship placement as a result.

To learn more about DAAD Research in Science and Engineering Internships and other internships in Germany, or to find out what program is right for you, contact the German Studies department or the McCulloch Center for Global Initiatives.  

Check out what the 2017 internship recipients had to say about their summer experiences: 

Shanza Noeen '18

Shanza Noeen '18, Biology major and Sociology minor.  Shanza interned at the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research in Mainz, Germany this summer. Mainz is a small city located on the Rhine river, about 40 minutes away from Frankfurt on train. Shanza worked in a colloid synthesis lab and synthesized magnetic nanoparticles that could potentially be used for drug delivery and cancer therapy. During the weekends, she also got the opportunity to travel around Germany as well as other countries in Europe. When asked what her favorite part about Germany was, she said "My lab members at Max Planck, the ice cream and the architecture of the buildings." 

Fanrui, internship photo

Fanrui Shao '19, Psychology major and English minor.  I was in Chemnitz for three months for an internship in the psychology department at the Technische Universität Chemnitz.  My duties included translating psychology surveys (German to English), proofreading English publications, editing finished papers into publication formats, coding survey replies, etc.  I also read Die Physiker, Tschick, Nathan der Weise and made several friends.  It was very mind/perspective-enriching summer, I would say!  Also, I gained weight at a quite unexpected speed, despite the 4 miles I walked to work everyday. 

Jaemarie Solyst at the Heidelberg Castle

Jaemarie Solyst '19, Psychology major.  Being a DAAD RISE intern this past summer has allowed me to grow as a student researcher and to gain a deep appreciation for another culture.  From my internship in Germany, I have gained confidence on both a professional and personal level, and I was able to learn hard skills that I can take with me to my future academic endeavors.  I had a great research experience abroad -- it even inspired me to continue learning more German!  I would definitely encourage any interested student to apply.

Muyuan Li with seal

Muyuan Li '18, Biology and German Studies double major.  Through DAAD, I had the chance of interning in Germany!  In the past summer, I spent almost three months interning in the Marine Science Center at Rostock University, which is a research vessel by the Baltic sea in Rostock, Germany.  The facility is also the home to nine harbor seals, two California sea lions and one fur seal.  Researchers here conduct various experiments to study the sensory and cognitive abilities of pinnipeds. During my internship, my main responsibility was to assist three PhD students with experiment setup and data collecting.  I also prepared food and vitamins for the seals and sea lions.  The most exciting part of my internship was that I had the chance of participating in animal training: to learn the commands for the animals and the proper way of reacting when the animals were not cooperating.  During my stay, I lived aboard the vessel and thus had many chances of experiencing the Center's working environment, which was very different from what I thought and was very fascinating!  It was a wonderful opportunity for me to experience German culture as well as to learn more about cognitive science and behavioral ecology.