German Assistants and Liaisons

The German Studies department has a number of student assistants and liaisons, as well as an array of language resources, to help students learning German.  The German Language Floor Living-Learning Community has a live-in language assistant, usually a native speaker from Germany.  Language assistants also lead in-class conversation sessions and are present at the weekly Language Table, which offers more opportunities to practice speaking German through lively discussions and dinner conversations. 

Qualified students may apply for a language assistant position through the Language Assistant Program by contacting Morena Svaldi. Students may also apply to live on the German Floor by contacting Residential Life.

The German Studies department faculty also nominate students who serve as liaisons to German students, the German Floor, and German Club.

Vicky Lorenz

Victoria Lorenz, Language Assistant for German Studies 
International exchange student from Leipzig University (2017/2018)

Hi y’all! My name is Vicky, class of 2018, and I am a foreign exchange student from Germany. This year, I am a Tutor and Language Assistant for the German Department about which I am really excited! Back in Germany, I am studying to be a teacher of English and History.  Besides tutoring, I love being outside with friends and exploring the world inside and outside of MoHo.  To calm down during a stressful MoHo day I do Yoga, knit or just drink a cup of coffee with some friends. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

Elias Seeland

Elias Seeland '18, Tutor, Language Assistant for German Studies

My name is Elias (he/him), class of 2018. I am one of the Language Assistants for the German Department this year (as well as a tutor for German), and I am a Politics major with an Anthropology minor. Outside of class, teaching the German labs and being part of MoZone, I enjoy hikes, playing the guitar and having good conversations over some tea - in English or in German :) Feel free to contact me at with any questions! 

Muyuan Li

Muyuan Li '18, Departmental Liaison

I am a senior double majoring in German Studies and Biology, and I'm also a pre-vet student. Apart from studying and being the liaison of the department, I am also a member of MHC Western Riding Team. I started learning German when I began my college life and found German language and culture to be very fascinating! Please don't hesitate to email me with any questions!


Sue Shi

Sue Shi '19, Departmental Assistant

I am a junior with a Physics major and a Math minor, and I'm the department assistant for German Studies. I studied German during my first year and went to Germany for an Environmental Engineering program that summer. When I came back, I continued with German 201. Last semester, I studied abroad in Costa Rica, where I picked up some Spanish as well. I really enjoy learning different languages and experiencing different cultures. Feel free to contact me if you need help or have any questions!


Emily Krakow '20, Departmental Liaison

I am a sophomore majoring in English and minoring in German Studies, and I'm the vice-president of the MHC German Club. I began studying German in my freshman year of high school and I plan on continuing my study throughout my time in college. Outside of classes, I also enjoy knitting and drinking iced coffee (even in winter!). Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have! (

Rebecca Reichel '20, Departmental Liaison

I am a sophomore majoring in biochemistry and doing the pre-health track. I’m involved with the German department as a liaison and as the treasurer for the German Club. My family is from Germany, and I have dual citizenship, although I am relearning most of the language now through classes. Outside of class, I enjoy playing in the orchestra and not finishing my knitting projects. Please contact me with any questions you might have (