Karen Remmler

Professor and Chair of German Studies, Professor and Chair of Gender Studies, Professor of Critical Social Thought

Karen Remmler’s interdisciplinary research and teaching in English and German focuses on the politics and culture of memory in the aftermath of atrocity and war in European and Asian contexts; German literature, film, and sites of memory within transnational contexts; 19th century critical social thought through the lens of contemporary social critics; and the interrelationship between national processes of transitional justice and the work of memory in films by the descendants of genocide survivors and perpetrators in non-western contexts.

Professor Remmler in the CIruti Courtyard

Nora Gortcheva

Visiting Lecturer, German Studies

Nora Gortcheva is a scholar of German and Film Studies who investigates questions of social experience and medial geography. Her first project discusses cinema’s role in the project of urban modernity, analyzing Berlin’s movie theaters and city films between 1895-1929. Her second project addresses issues of identity in contemporary German and European cinema with a focus on mobility and migration. Nora has taught broadly across disciplines such as German, Architectural Studies, Cinema, and Global Media.

Anca Luca Holden

Visiting Lecturer in German Studies

Anca Luca Holden was born in Siebenbürgen, one of the German-populated regions of Romania, where she was educated in several German schools. She specializes in the works of Herta Müller, the 2009 Nobel Laureate in Literature; ethnic German authors from Romania and Eastern European, German-language authors of migration background, 20th- and 21st-century German-language literature, theories of cultural identity, (im)migration, and post memory. Her research interests also include the relation between ideology and literature; the intersection of literature, art, and environmental studies.

Mark Lauer

Senior Lecturer in German Studies, on leave 2016/2017
Mark Lauer

Madalina Meirosu

Visiting Instructor in German

Madalina Meirosu is a scholar of German and Comparative literature who specializes in nineteenth-century political and social thought in German and British literature.  She also has expertise in German literature in global contexts; Migrantenliteratur; the Medical Humanities in German cultural contexts; Women and Gender Studies; and comparative approaches to German cultural studies.  She has taught a wide range of classes in German, in the Medical Humanities, English, and Comparative Literature. 

Donna Van Handle

Senior Lecturer in German Studies; Dean of International Students


Dominique Rampton

Department Coordinator, German and Russian and Eurasian Studies

Dominique Rampton is the Academic Department Coordinator for German Studies and Russian and Eurasian Studies. She has a background in museum and environmental education and the archaeology of the western United States, and enjoys raising her children and keeping chickens, dogs, and a vegetable garden at her home in the Hilltowns.

Dominique Rampton


Gabriele Wittig Davis

Professor Emerita of German Studies

Gabriele Wittig Davis, retired in 2016,  taught courses in both German and English, in German area studies as well as European and film studies. Furthermore, her long-standing investigations into Romanticism and gender role redefinitions as well as her studies into concepts of race and ethnicity from the late 18th-century to the present contributed to offerings on gender and migration studies.