Questionnaire and Placement Exam

The Department of German Studies will review the course selection of all entering students. All students who plan to elect German must complete this questionnaire carefully. Final course placement will be based on the following considerations: the student's specific training in German, the results of the student's online placement exam, and scheduling possibilities.

We ask that you fill out the Questionnaire and then take the Placement Exam in **one sitting** and only when you feel you are ready to complete both completely. Viel Glück!

If you have **never** studied German before, you do not have to take a placement exam or complete the questionnaire. Feel free to register for German 101 or German 103.

* * * Please Read Carefully * * *

  • If you have previously studied German even for a short time, you need to complete the German Studies questionnaire and the placement exam.
  • If you are planning to spend a year or a semester in Germany or in any German-speaking country, you must elect a German course each semester prior to your learning experience abroad. 

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