The German Studies Major and Minor

The German Studies Major

A German studies major works with her advisor to plan an individualized program of study suited to her interests and background. To ensure breadth of background and context, we strongly encourage students to include at least one course each relating to the eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth centuries. To ensure depth, students may focus on a specific topic, period, or century. Courses about Germany or Europe taught in other departments or programs may be selected from such fields as anthropology, art, critical social thought, economics, European studies, film studies, gender studies, history, international relations, Jewish studies, music, politics, philosophy, psychology, religious studies, sociology, and theatre arts. Students should focus their work in these courses on issues relating to German-speaking countries and consult with the department to choose appropriate courses.

The German Studies chapter of the catalogue offers specific information on the credits and courses required for the major.

The German Studies Minor

The minor in German studies provides a focused introduction to the language and culture of German-speaking countries. For requirements, see the German Studies chapter of the catalogue.

Teacher Licensure in German Studies

(Grades 5-12)

Students interested in teaching German can combine a major in German studies with a minor in education. See the Department of Psychology and Education’s Teacher Licensure Program  and Prof. Lawrence in the Psych/Ed department for more information.

The teacher licensure programs at Mount Holyoke enable students to apply for a Massachusetts (and NASDTEC Interstate Contract) "initial" license.

Students interested in pursuing licensure in the field of German studies can combine their course work in German studies with a minor in education. In some instances course work in the major coincides with course work required for licensure; in other cases, it does not. For specific course requirements for licensure within the major of German studies, please consult your advisor or Donna Van Handle, teacher licensure liaison, in the German studies department.

Licensure also requires a formal application as well as passing scores on the Massachusetts Test of Educator Licensure (MTEL) in both the literacy component and the subject matter component. Copies of the test objectives for the MTEL are available in the German studies department and in the Department of Psychology and Education. Information and materials about the  Licensure application are available on the Teacher Licensure Program website.