Theaterfest 2015

38th Annual German Theatre Festival and Competition

We cordially invite you and your students to participate in the 38th Annual German Theatre Festival and Competition which will take place on Thursday, April 16, 2015.

The Theaterfest is held in Chapin Auditorium on the campus of Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, Massachusetts. Dramatic presentations in German of no more than 15 minutes in length will be judged by a jury of secondary school German teachers, members of Mount Holyoke's German studies and theatre arts faculty as well as representatives of the German Consulate and the Goethe Institute in Boston. Prizes will be awarded on the elementary, secondary and college/university levels.

Entry Form for Deutsches Theaterfest

Performance Schedule 

Chapin Auditorium stage dimensions: 26 feet wide and 26 feet deep; wings 8 feet.

For additional information:

Anca Holden
Department of German Studies
Mount Holyoke College
South Hadley, MA 01075-6433
Phone: 413-538-2294 or 538-2717


  1. There is no entrance fee for the competition, but participating groups must provide their own transportation to and from South Hadley.
  2. There can be no multiple performances by the same school. Each school may only perform *once*.
  3. Participants should plan to spend the entire day on campus, to present their own performance, watch other contestants, visit the Mount Holyoke campus, and participate in the awards ceremony at the conclusion of the Theaterfest.
  4. Participants must provide their own lunches. Drinks and cookies will be served.
  5. Presentations may consist of a one-act play, a scene from a longer drama, an adaptation of existing material, or an original dramatization or skit. They should be no less than ten minutes in length, but MUST NOT EXCEED 15 MINUTES. Any group whose presentation exceeds 15 minutes will be automatically penalized by the judges.
  6. Teachers or instructors of German may not participate as actors. All parts must be memorized. Groups are permitted to use a student prompter.
  7. Presentations by groups with cast members (with major roles) whose native language is German will be judged in a separate category.
  8. Costumes and makeup must be provided by participating groups.
  9. Basic furniture items (tables, wooden chairs) will be available upon request. Additional special needs, scenery and all hand props must be provided by each group.
  10. Each group is responsible for setting up and striking its own set. There will be a short break between performances for this purpose.
  11. Front curtains and stage lighting will be provided.  Special lighting effects (other than dimming or blackouts) may not be possible. Please check with Anca Holden.
  12. Instruments, record player, cassette recorder, or sound effects must be provided by participants.
  13. Performances will be judged on the basis of both language proficiency and acting skills, as well as appropriateness of material to level of group.
  14. Schools wishing to participate are asked to fill out and submit the online entry form. The deadline for submission of entry forms is Friday, March 20, 2015.