Children's Experiences at the Gorse Children’s Center

Classroom space is organized into learning areas designed to encourage children to learn social skills and to become independent and creative learners. During their time at Gorse, the children do many open-ended activities such as painting, making collages, building with large and small blocks and playing in the dramatic play area. They explore and experiment with a variety of materials and learn to make things work and to solve problems. Through these experiences, they learn about physical concepts such as color, shape, weight and movement, develop early literacy and math skills and deepen their understanding of the natural and social worlds. School-age children have opportunities to do homework, develop interests and creativity, and socialize with peers.

The infant and toddler classes sing songs, read books, and tell stories throughout the day. The preschool and kindergarten children participate in a daily group time when they sing, discuss the day's events, and listen to stories. Our playgrounds have covered areas so that children can play outside even in warm sun and wet weather. The overall goals of the program are constant, but the daily and weekly activities are flexible as children's interests and questions emerge and change.