Facilities and Activities

The Gorse classroom spaces are organized into learning areas designed to encourage children to learn social skills and to become independent and creative learners. The children engage in many activities such as painting, making collages, building with large and small blocks and playing in the pretend area. They explore and experiment with a variety of open-ended materials, which promote critical thinking and problem-solving. Through these experiences, they learn about physical concepts such as color, shape, weight, and movement, develop early literacy and math skills, and deepen their understanding of the natural and social worlds. Investigations and projects are developed by building on children’s interests and natural curiosity. Children participate in small- and large-group activities, such as singing songs, listening to stories, and playing games.

The center’s nicely-furnished classrooms are filled with natural light. Most rooms have viewing windows or observation booths for use by parents and college students. There are four playground areas equipped with sandboxes, climbers, swings, a trike-riding area, and a natural area with grass, trees, and a gently sloping hill.