Frequently Asked Questions

Can prospective Mount Holyoke students visit Gorse Children’s Center?
We welcome visitors to the center any time between 9-11 am and 1-3 pm when the college is in session, and 9AM-Noon during the summer. You can arrange to come and observe the classrooms from the booths and pick up more information about the program.

If I am not a psychology or psychology/education major can I still work in a classroom at Gorse?
Students work in the classrooms at Gorse in many capacities. Students from other majors may be placed in a classroom for the Community-Based Learning component of certain courses, or do small independent study projects, which may require keeping a journal and writing a short paper.

Are all the children who attend Gorse the sons and daughters of Mount Holyoke College faculty and staff?
Each year the number of children of Mount Holyoke families varies, but it is usually about 1/4 -1/3 of the total group. Enrollment is open to the general public. Most of the children live in South Hadley and other nearby towns.

How do the parents feel about Mount Holyoke students observing and interviewing their children?
We are very open with parents about the fact that we are a laboratory school. Parents who want to enroll their children at Gorse sign a permission form for their children to be observed and to work with college students in the classroom. For any studies that involve formal observations or interviews, parents are asked to sign permission slips. Parents have the right to refuse permission, but usually agree to let their children participate in the studies. Parents know that confidentiality will be observed by our researchers.