Philosophy of the Program

At the Gorse Children’s Center, we value each child's uniqueness and support children as they explore their particular interests. We encourage children to learn about themselves and at the same time to feel connected with their physical and social worlds. A wide variety of activities draws children's attention to the beauty, the rhythms, and the fragility of the natural world and teaches them how to work and play with peers and adults. Our children are growing up in a diverse and sometimes unfair world. We support them as they explore their similarities and differences and begin to see themselves as members of a multiracial and multicultural society. We emphasize social responsibility in the family, in the classroom and in the larger world.

We believe that early childhood education involves the whole child and foster all areas of development with hands-on activities that reflect children's interests and experiences and stimulate their curiosity. Children express themselves through art, music, dramatic play and physical movement and have many opportunities to explore, create, and experiment as they actively define their own learning experiences.

Visit Bright Horizons for more information about our hands-on curriculum, The World at Their Fingertips, and how it supports connections made to the world around us.