Research Program

Undergraduate Science Educational Program for Sophomores and Juniors

The program will fund five upper-class students each summer to pursue independent research projects on campus or at off-campus research sites. Students will work on a directed ten-week research project under the guidance of an individual member of the science faculty, including biology, chemistry, biochemistry, physics, neuroscience and behavior, geography, geology and environmental sciences. We recognize that some upper-class students prefer to leave campus to accept internships in industry, government, or university laboratories, which may lead to employment opportunities after graduation. In addition, since we would especially like our students to pursue international research experiences, we will provide funds for students to work at international research sites, mentored by HHMI scholars.

The faculty selection committee will award these research fellowships on the basis of the student’s academic record, the merits of the proposed project and, for off-campus opportunities, evidence of financial need. For more information, please consult a faculty member in your department, or the director of the HHMI Summer Research Program.

Each student receive a stipend* and in addition the program pays a housing cost at the current MHC housing cost level.

*Please ask your tax advisor; your stipend may be taxable.

Before Applying Online

  • Please have ready an email address of the faculty or staff member who will write the recommendation. Please ask them for the recommendation letter at least two weeks prior the deadline.
  • In 100 characters or less, prepare a title of your research project.
  • In 50 words or less, prepare a brief abstract of your research project.
  • In 500 words or less, sophomores and juniors, please describe your proposed research. At a minimum, you should introduce the problem, discuss its scientific relevance, state the hypotheses to be tested, and provide a sketch of the methods that you will use to test your hypothesis, name the faculty member with whom the project will be done, and describe the motivation for participating. Address whether or not you expect to continue this research during the coming year, and how you expect this summer research experience to influence your postgraduate career. Your essay should be no longer than 500 words (you may copy and paste the text from any text editor). Please state in the first line of your proposal that you are applying to the HHMI Research Program.

To Apply

To apply to this program, answer YES in the box labeled "Are you applying to the HHMI program?" on the Universal Application form, posted on the Career Development Center Web site. 

Due Date

Program is not available in this academic year.