Almara Grant

Fall 2015 Application Deadline: Noon on 6 November 2015

Spring 2016 Application Deadline: Noon on 11 March 2016

Established by an alumna, the Grants are meant to encourage independent research by students in the History Department. Recent awards have helped Mount Holyoke students to conduct interviews and research in a variety of places, including Washington D.C., Harvard University, New York City, Bangladesh, France, and South Africa.

Students who wish to apply should submit an on-line application form which includes:

  • a 2-3 page description of the proposed project (along with a 1 page bibliography) that defines the topic and describes both the importance of the research for the student's program of study and the uses to which the Award would be put;
  • a transcript (an un-official transcript from ISIS is sufficient);
  • a proposed budget; and
  • having 1 letter of recommendation from a faculty member in the Department with whom the student has worked sent to Holly Sharac, Senior Administrative Assistant.

Interested students should consider

  • examining the bulletin board in the hallway outside the department's office (309 Skinner), which contains application-writing suggestions and copies of successful applications from the past.
  • consulting with members of the History Department.

Ready to apply? Please proceed to the online application form.