Almara Recipients

Fall 2012 

Maxine Getz, "Role of History Education in Post-Apartheid South Africa"
Maxine Getz will spend the January term in Cape Town, South Africa investigating how history is written, talked about, and taught in the post-apartheid period.  She is particularly interested in public history and the classroom experience, in how teachers and museum/public educators approach the complex legacies and experience of apartheid even as they contribute to the making of a new South Africa.

Stephanie Gray, "Scotland's Public Houses: The Making of a Cultural Institution"
Stephanie Gray will be visiting the archives of Edinburgh to study the social and cultural history of a central institution of Scottish public life - the pub.  She is interested in the changing role, meaning, and structures of the public house over time, especially as they relate to major social changes in nineteenth-century Scottish society, like the invention of leisure time and the activities of temperance leagues.

Spring 2013

Elyse Moore, "Every Dish Has a Past: A Workshop in Historic Recipe Research"
Elyse Moore took part in a research workshop at Historic Deerfield where participants learned recipe research methodology and testing in period kitchens. The workshop supported Elyse's ongoing research at Wistariahurst Museum, Holyoke, Massachusetts, which explores nineteenth- and early twentieth-century cooking and entertaining traditions of the Skinner family.

Sarah Watkins, "The Future of Fisheries on the Great Lakes"
Sarah Watkins' research focuses on the fishing, environmental, and shipping policies and activities on the Great Lakes. Over the summer she will be researching the relationship between the local community and the evolution of fishing culture over time. Sarah hopes to consider the environmental challenges we face in creating a cleaner, more responsible fishing future.