Checklist of Graduation Requirements in History

As you plan and carry out your major in history, you may find this form useful in gaining a broader perspective on your program of study and in giving that program coherent shape and clear direction. It is intended to help you keep track of requirements that you have satisfied, and those that remain to be fulfilled and therefore may make advising conferences more efficient and useful. It may also save you time when, in the first semester of your senior year, you are asked to submit a completed checklist, with a description of your concentration, to the Department Chair.

When identifying the course(s) for each requirement below, be sure to record where you took it, if not at Mount Holyoke. Please indicate:

  • course number and complete course title
  • instructor's name and semester
  • year taken

Note that this checklist is limited to History Major requirements; it does not include other College requirements for graduation.


One course each from three different regions (Africa, Asia/Middle East, Europe, Latin America, North America)

Three 300-level courses


You must have a topical, chronological, or geographical concentration of 4 courses, one of which may be from a field other than history.

This statement must be approved by your advisor during the second semester of your junior year.

Courses constituting the concentration

A completed major will be comprised of at least 36 credits (9 courses) in History.

No more than 18 of the credits may be at the 100 level.

An independent project at the 300 level during the senior year is not required, but the department encourages students to consider pursuing one. Students anticipating independent work in the senior year should consult faculty during the junior year.