History Student Board

The History Student Board assesses the needs of majors, minors and other students of history, and devises programs to meet those needs; works to develop esprit de corps among history majors; promotes engagement with historical thinking and study at Mount Holyoke. Board members devise and organize special events of interest to students; assist with regular Department events such as our welcome back dinner, field trip, teas, and senior send-off; discuss the History major with interested students; and confer with faculty on specific issues facing the department.

History Student Board 2019–2020

  • Izzy Baird '20
  • Eleanna Cerda '20
  • Ariane Gottlieb '20
  • Tumi Moloto '20
  • Maggie Murphy ’21
  • Alex Nesci '20
  • Nabeeha Noor '20
  • Abby Oliver '20
  • Mo Tu '20
  • Tessa Young '20