Journalism, Broadcasting, and Publishing Internships and Summer Opportunities

Journalism, Broadcasting, and Publishing Opportunities 

A career in journalism can intersect with interests in fields such as politics, public policy, the arts, education, international affairs, and more.  While History majors develop their writing skills and command of research tools through coursework, experiences at various news agencies will support the skills needed to become a writer or correspondent. Increasingly, skillful use of social media and establishing an online presence can also benefit a resume or portfolio sent to future employers. To begin a career in journalism, demonstrating a portfolio of writing in news outlets can lead to nationally or internationally syndicated news agencies. Involvement in the school newspaper is sometimes a “must” for various programs as well.
Many local newspapers or media outlets might not advertise interns on their websites. It is best to contact them personally and explain your interests in developing an opportunity. Below are some media agencies that have developed internship programs. Some listed below have “volunteer” pages, which can potentially lead to an internship of your design.

Opportunities in New England

New England Public Radio—Amherst, MA
NEPR offers 15 paid internships to students from the Five Colleges (a stipend of $10 an hour) during the semester and summer sessions. Internships are offered in the News, Production, Marketing, and Audiofiles departments, allowing interns a range of experiences in writing or broadcasting.

Amherst Media/Amherst Community Television—Amherst, MA
Amherst Media “is a dynamic, community driven, non-profit, public access information, communication & technology center” that provides public access, education and government television channels from Amherst. Interns during the semester or summer can work in departments such as Production, Social Media, Programming, and Citizen Journalism. In addition, interns are invited to take free workshops and classes on tools such as Final Cut. Work-study students are encouraged to apply to paid positions during the year.

Media Education Foundation—Northampton, MA
The MEF produces and distributes documentary films and educational resources right here in the Valley, “to inspire critical thinking about the social, political, and cultural impact of American mass media.” Students can gain skills in production and marketing/administration, assisting on the projects of distributing films by the Media Education Foundation.

Flying Object—Hadley, MA
The Flying Object is a nonprofit art and publishing organization, hosting residencies, lecture, performances, workshops, exhibitions and more. A “studio-laboratory and archive,” the organization also runs a print and online magazine, and produces limited and trade editions of artists’ poetry, audio recordings, books and more. Students can take part in many projects the organization takes on by writing a letter outlining one’s interests.

Valley Free Radio—Northampton, MA
Valley Free Radio is an all volunteer-run, low-powered radio station broadcasted from Northampton. Students interested in working with the station can begin helping in marketing, broadcasting, fundraising and outreach by emailing the volunteer coordinator. Opportunities to host one’s own radio show through the station are also available (preferably if the show host can commit 6 months).

Pioneer Magazine
A new local magazine, Pioneer is a free monthly publication focusing on the politics, life, arts, and culture of the Pioneer Valley. The magazine occasionally seeks editorial board members, and has open calls for submissions by new writers.

National and International Opportunities

New York Times Summer Internship—New York, New York
A paid internship program, the New York Times offers various types of positions in video, copy editing,  reporting, interactive work(web development), and visual media. The program is competitive and recruits mostly seniors and graduate students, but qualified juniors are accepted in some departments.

Congressional Quarterly [The Economist Group]—Washington, D.C.
The Congressional Quarterly publishes many newspapers, magazines, websites, and books such as The Economist and CQPolitics, CQHomeland Security, and more. Interns are expected to conduct research and work on pieces with staff, covering committee markups and hearings, and attending policy events around D.C. The internships are highly competitive, but are paid and offer many opportunities at building a professional career in journalism.

Internews Network—Washington, D.C. 
Internews is a non-profit international organization that supports local media and news networks in countries around the world. Internships are often located in Washington, D.C., and involve a wide range of duties such as research, reporting, coordinating events, communications, and more.

AllAfrica—Washington, D.C.; Cape Town, South Africa; Dakar, Senegal; and Monrovia, Liberia
AllAfrica is a media outlet sharing the news of over 130 African news organizations alongside their own reporting. Occasionally, internships are available within their global offices. Internships are unpaid, but placements have occasionally led to employment. Fluency in French is not required except for a placement in Dakar.

Environment America—Various Locations Nationwide 
Environment America is a federation of state based and citizen funded organizations promoting environmental action and protection across the United States. Interns can work from various locations (including Amherst, MA), and learn about problems like global warming and fracking. Students will becoming involved in campaigns and learn about the legal work done to promote environmental justice, canvas and building community networks and support, and promote Environment America issues through media writing.

If any of the internships above do not match your interests, or application deadlines have closed, conducting a broad search of newspapers and publications you enjoy reading can generate more ideas. Another place to check for a broad search is Cubreporters: its blog maintains posting for (mostly paid) internships nationwide. []

For even more options, visit UMASS Amherst’s Journalism resource page, it lists many places that might fall in your interests.