Department Learning Goals

History Department Learning Goals

  • Understand the dynamics of change over time, the complexity of human experience across time and space, and the ways people both shape and are shaped by the particular worlds they inhabit.
  • Evaluate a wide range of historical materials for their credibility, position, and perspective, and for the clues they offer about past worlds and experiences. Discern from such fragmentary evidence meaningful patterns that illuminate our understanding of the past.
  • Develop empathy for the people whose lives we seek to understand and a respectful appreciation of the range and diversity of human experience.
  • Generate significant, open-ended questions, and devise research strategies to find suitable evidence to answer such questions.
  • Engage in lively, meaningful conversation about the nature of historical inquiry and conflicting understandings of the past. Work cooperatively with others to develop positions that reflect deliberation and differing perspectives.
  • Write effective and logical prose that describes and analyzes the past, and consider a range of media best suited to communicating a particular argument, narrative, or set of ideas.
  • Develop a disciplined, inquiring stance and outlook on the world that demands evidence and sophisticated use of information. Apply historical knowledge and historical thinking to contemporary issues.