The Legacy of Hobsbawm Photographs

Students and Faculty met to discuss the work and legacy of historian Eric Hobsbawm.

From labour history to world history, from Pancho Villa to modern jazz, the topics of Eric Hobsbawm's historical curiosity have defied the neat sub-fields that often characterize the discipline of history.  Moreover, for every new question he asked about what historians should study, Hobsbawm was equally proficient in suggesting when they should study it, having invented both the "long nineteenth century" and the "short twentieth" (and yes, for future reference, if you invent a long century, it is incumbent upon you to suggest where the short one will go).  As he himself recognized in the title to his autobiography, his was a "twentieth century life" and for this and many other reasons, it seems fitting now that we are well established in the 21st century to reflect on that life and its influence on the field of history.

Enjoy these pictures from our gathering!

Professor Rosenthal got us started.


Professor Schwartz and Julia Herman in discussion.

Professors Czitrom and Lipman

Professor DeLucia and Professor Rosenthal

Professors Morgan and Gudmundson

Kami Brodie and Chelsea Miller