Practice History: mentored research

Students are mentored and supported in their own original research through independent study projects

To practice history is to apply historical thinking across a range of activities, from archival research and scholarly communication to public debate and engagement with the major events and issues of today. As faculty, students and alumnae, the history department is a source of original historical research on a range of topics, periods and places, all of them highlighted in these pages. 

In this section you will be able to explore the research / publications and speaking engagements of our faculty; see samples of student research, learn how to write a grant proposal, apply for research funding, and conduct a senior independent study.

Historical research continues after graduation, as alumnae continue to carry out research and publish. In addition, the history department also offers funding for postgraduate student research.

Julia Housten Nguyen ‘95, Senior Program Officer
Julia Husten Nguyen ‘95: not initially in the field of grant reviewing, transferrable skills as a history major and educator prepared her for her work.
Tiffany McClain '01
Tiffany McClain '01: if every discussion about how to communicate or understand a social issue started with a history lesson, we would all be better off.
AnneElizabeth Konkel ‘14: the difference between reading accounts of the Taliban in the classroom & talking face to face with a former Taliban negotiator.
Czitrom speaks on C-Span about the 1863 Draft Riots in New York City, in observance of the 150th anniversary of the worst civil insurrection in U.S history
La negritud en Centroamérica" de Lowell Gudmundson y de Justin Wolfe es un libro de la Editorial UNED
Interview with Professor Gudmundson about his book La Negritud en Centroamerica (in Spanish)
Professor Czitrom speaking at the College's 175th Anniversary Celebration.
Featuring speaker Professor Czitrom