The History Major and Minor

The History Major

A degree in history is versatile, offering students excellent preprofessional preparation for any number of careers—law, journalism, the arts, management and business—as well as providing the graduate with the knowledge and skills needed to pursue history as a profession. Mount Holyoke’s history department graduates women whose analytical skills and critical engagement with the past equip them to succeed in today’s complex world.

The major in history is a core discipline in Mount Holyoke’s liberal arts curriculum. It prepares students not just for a specific career but for a life of learning. The History chapter of the catalogue offers specific information on the credits and courses required for the major.  Majors can track their own progress towards meeting department requirements with this checklist.

The History Minor

The department also offers a minor in history. For requirements, see the History chapter of the catalogue.

Teacher Licensure in History

Students interested in teaching history can combine a history major with a minor in education. See the Department of Psychology and Education's Teacher Licensure Program for more information.