Student Liaisons

History Student Laisons

The following history majors have volunteered to share their knowledge of the History department at Mount Holyoke College.  Feel free to contact any of them with questions about how to navigate the requirements of the major, which courses to take, how to plan for studying abroad, or an independent study - simply, anything history. 

Kristin Johnson '15
Kristin Johnson is concentrating on American History with a focus on twentieth-century immigration themes. In addition to history, she is also a Spanish major and recently returned from a year studying abroad in Córdoba, Spain.  As well as traveling, she spent part of her summer summer doing research in California and the National Archives in Washington D.C. for her senior year independent study. She has also interned in history museums in the Washington, D.C. area for two consecutive summers.

Elyse Moore '15 (fall 2014 semester)
Elyse Moore is concentrating on nineteenth century women’s economic history with a nexus minor in journalism. She came to this distillation by way of the crossroads of women’s history and culinary history. She has worked for the past year in the Holyoke and Skinner Family archives at Wistariahurst Museum to research and write an historical cookbook based on the life of Holyoke philanthropist Belle Skinner. Elyse was born in Cambridge and grew up in Buckland, Massachusetts. A New England Culinary Institute graduate and career chef, Elyse wrote grants for the charitable food system before returning to school as a Frances Perkins scholar.

Kayla Parker '15
Kayla is focusing her studies in history on global movements, diasporas and immigrant/refugee populations. She spent the previous spring semester living with the Quaker community in Monteverde, Costa Rica. Kayla also volunteers with the Mount Holyoke student-lead Somali/Sudanese tutoring group in Springfield, MA. She resides in Manchester, Maine.

Iris Pavitt '15 (on leave fall 2014)
Iris Parker Pavitt is passionate about studying history with a focus on the United States in the nineteenth century. Lately, she has been particularly taken with the many intersections of the temperance movement, as well as women's pioneer stories of the West Coast. She has completed two internships at her local historical museum, and is thrilled to work in the MHC Archives and Special Collections this year. 

Lily Corman Penzel '15
Nooria Puri '15
Nooria Puri is concentrating on history through a comparative lens of both India and Turkey with a focus on state formation and historical leaders. Last spring she spent her semester abroad in Istanbul, Turkey where she was able to expand on her Turkish history knowledge. This past summer she continued her passion for Turkish history and politics by working for a development and research group in Ankara, Turkey, while researching for her senior project. She has perviously worked for various development groups including interning at the United Nations, last summer. She currently calls Brussels, Belgium home.
Emily Christensen Stone '15
Emily Stone is concentrating on American History with a focus on twentieth-century social movements. In addition to history she is minoring in Sociology and English, with a passion for creative writing. Last spring she completed a one semester independent study on the Prohibition era, which has fueled her passion for research. This past summer she enjoyed interning for a Congressman, as well as additional volunteer opportunities and educational excursions. Emily calls Hebron, Connecticut home.

Emily Wells '15
Emily Wells is concentrating on American History with a focus on the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. She is minoring in French and also has an interest in French and European History. This past summer, Emily participated in the Summer Fellowship Program at Historic Deerfield where she studied the history and material culture of New England. Previously, she worked as a Curatorial Intern at the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation in Virginia. Emily also works as a Special Collections Assistant in the Mount Holyoke College Archives and Special Collections.

Hard at work (History Department Liaisons from 2012-2013). Image courtesy of Dianne Laguerta. Clockwise from top right: Dianne Laguerta, Faye Charpentier, Brittany Shelmon, Chelsea Miller, and Professor Hanson.