Conceptual Foundations of Science Interdisciplinary Minor

This minor explores the creation, transmission, and use of knowledge about the natural world.


  • Credits: A minimum of 16 credits Courses
  • The Gateway Course: Critical Social Thought 248 (Science, Revolution, and Modernity) or Environmental Studies 240 (The Value of Nature)
  • Three additional 4-credit courses, at the 200 or 300 level, chosen in consultation with a faculty adviser from the committee, from the following faculty-approved list for the minor.

Courses that count toward minor:


  • 235 Development of Anthropological Thought
  • 240 Medical Anthropology
  • 320 Manufacturing Knowledge
  • 334 Memory, History, and Forgetting

Biological Sciences:

  • 308 Darwin (same as History 361)
  • Critical Social Thought:
  • 248 Science, Revolution, and Modernity


  • 301(1) Health and Science Journalism
  • 326 Romantic Epistemologies

Environmental Studies:

  • 240 The Value of Nature
  • 256 Interpreting Nature: Ecological Thinking and Practice in Europe, 1500 to the Present
  • 317 Perspectives on American Environmental History


  • 284 History, Ecology, and Landscape
  • 301(13) Renaissance Cosmos


  • 220 Philosophy of Science


  • One-time or occasional offerings appropriate for the minor not appearing on the list below may be included with approval of the committee chair.
  • Students may also take appropriate coursework at other schools with approval of the committee chair.